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How to Purchase a Bank-Owned Property

Bank-Owned Property

Buying a bank-owned property is the process of purchasing a home or other real estate that has been previously owned by a bank. The bank has usually acquired the property through foreclosure and will offer it for sale at a discounted price. Buyers will need to research the property and the area, get preapproved for financing, inspect the property, and secure the property with a contract and down payment. After the closing process is completed, the buyer will receive the deed to the property.

More accurately - Here are five steps in buying a bank-owned property;

1. Research the property and the area – understand the foreclosure process and the condition of the property.

2. Get pre-approved for financing – shop around for the best mortgage rates and terms.

3. Inspect the property – hire a qualified home inspector to inspect the property and report any issues.

4. Secure the property – sign a contract with the lender or owner and make a down payment.

5. Closing – complete the closing process and receive the deed to the property.

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